A workshop that puts persuasive stories at the
center of your communications and culture.

StoryCrush inspires and teaches your team how to:

  • Build a holistic storytelling culture to collect and share stories with customers, employees, investors, partners, donors, and other audiences
  • Infuse your brand's purpose into your stories
  • Understand the difference between a narrative and a story, and know when to use each one
  • Develop an origin story for company founders and leaders
  • Structure a persuasive story to release emotions and empathy with your audiences
  • Combine the literary story arc with your brand's unique purpose
  • Use the hero's journey in your master brand story
  • Create a story criteria to identify and collect the most persuasive ones to meet your strategic goals
  • Develop an authentic brand voice
  • Write stories using empathy, suspense and surprise
  • Apply the brand voice and stories across all your channels—owned, paid, and earned—and into your ongoing content marketing


Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops available.
Led by Melinda Cross, a weaver of brand messages and stories for Fortune 500s,
mid-size companies, start-ups and not-for-profits.


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